Termite Inspections

All termite inspection’s are undertaken by licensed operators and are fully insured. A termite inspection is recommended for every building at least annually or more frequently depending on the amount …

Pre-Purchase Termite Inspection

We inspect all areas of the building, (subject to safe access limitations) including any outbuildings to ensure they are safe before you commit to buying. We perform a thorough inspection timber pest (safe …

Domestic Pest Control

It is important to have your home professionally treated regularly.All our operators are fully trained and by Queensland health and undergo regular industry training. All chemicals used are safe for …


All Critters Pest Management operators are fully trained by Queensland Health and undergo regular training.  We use a combination of environmental and chemical treatments and all Treatments are completely safe for people and pets.


Unwelcome critters in your home are a nuisance, they often carry germs or disease and some of them can sting or bite. At Critters Pest Management we think your home should be your sanctuary and we’re o a mission to keep your home pest-free.


Loitering pests like cockroaches, spiders or rodents are not the welcoming committee any business wants to display to its customers or employees and it’s important to choose a pest management service provider who understand how to eliminate pests completely from your premises.


The food industry in general and restaurants in particular are like a magnet to many pests, and cockroaches can be especially prevalent if not properly controlled.  Even the cleanest kitchen isn’t safe from these determined invaders so it’s important to protect your reputation and your patrons by ensuring that you run a pest-free environment, both front of house and back of house.