The food industry in general and restaurants in particular are like a magnet to many pests, and cockroaches can be especially prevalent if not properly controlled.  Even the cleanest kitchen isn’t safe from these determined invaders so it’s important to protect your reputation and your patrons by ensuring that you run a pest-free environment, both front of house and back of house.

 Our technicians are familiar with the stringent rules relating to food safety and the chemicals we use are approved for use in food preparation areas.  Our service is discreet and we schedule your service at a time to suit you.

 Regular treatments will prevent infestations from occurring, and we tailor our pest treatment plan based on a full inspection of your premises.  Once we’ve completed your specialised treatment, we’ll give you a comprehensive post-treatment report that complies with all Australian Standards.

 At critters Pest Management we can’t promise you’ll never see a pest in your kitchen again, but we can promise that the one you see won’t be around for long.