Mosquito and biting midge management has entered a new age of technology that is proving a great relief to thousands of Australians.  At Amalgamated Pest Control we can provide a range of services that can help you get on top of your mosquito and biting midge problem. However you can make a start.

Environmental Corrections.
The first step to reducing the problem is looking in your own backyard. Many mosquito species breed in fresh or brackish water. They are known as container breeders and will breed up in anything that will hold free water including plastic containers, bottles, cans, plants, watering dishes, tree hollows, open rainwater tanks, guttering, ponds, tyres and tarps.

If you find an item or area on your property that collects water, then if possible change the situation so that the water can run away and not pool. If you have fish ponds, then make sure they are stocked with suitable fish that feed on mosquito larvae.

Of course not all mosquitoes and biting midges you encounter breed in your backyard. Many will fly in and often come from saltwater marshes and other similar habitat. Local councils do an excellent job in keeping the numbers of these pests to a minimum; however they cannot stop them breeding altogether. That’s why you can still suffer – especially in the summer months.