Loitering pests like cockroaches, spiders or rodents are not the welcoming committee any business wants to display to its customers or employees and it’s important to choose a pest management service provider who understand how to eliminate pests completely from your premises.

 Because all businesses are different, we tailor our pest treatment program to meet the individual needs and environments of our customers.  From small office environments through to large-scale industrial complexes and warehouses

 Some exterminators fail to eliminate pests completely – instead forcing you to make repeat calls and incur additional costs to resolve the problem. Critters Pest Management is different.   Our expert technicians and specialised pest treatments mean you get thorough, longer lasting commercial pest control through precision extermination practices and preventative planning to avoid future problems.

Critters Pest Management provides customised servicing program for:

  • Factories /warehousing
  • Hotel/motel’s
  • Pharmacy/medical
  • Coffee shop /takeaway